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The Year So Far in Sandwiches

March 29, 2011

When I was a baby carnivore I did not like the things on my plate getting fresh with each other. Call me a prude, but those egg yolks were not going to get all up on my fried mashed potatoes. This separatist eating practice was the reason I hated chicken pot pie (the homemade kind). (Please note I also did not like tomatoes, bananas, or pork chops.)

Of course this just proves what the science community has been saying for years: kids are stupid.

Now that I’m super grown up and got the smarts, my favorite way to eat a meal is all at once – stacking individual foods atop one another then placing the mighty tower between bread. Here are some of the “sandwiches” I have enjoyed so far this year:

Naan-wich: wild boar cassoulet/white beans/tomato/onions/andouille sausage
Naan. White beans. Sausage. Wild boar…do we really have to do this? Bless you, oh humble servants of the yum. Bless you. Their menu changes often, as does their location. That’s just the nature of a food truck I’m told.

Mole poblano/braised pork/wood-grilled onions/crunchy fresh garnishes/fresh cheese
Mole is the #1 reason I wish that I had an extra Grandmother that is Mexican. I must crack the secrets of mole. I made it once and was mesmerized just reading the recipe. It has about 8,000 ingredients and instructions like “toast the white bread, squish it into a ball and add to blender”. Or perhaps Mr. Bayless would like to be my third wheel Granny because he seems to have the in on stupid good mole… couldn’t hurt to ask, right?
Anyway, here is some actual information: this is the Thursday special for tortas (see how I used the correct words, I would make a great surrogate grandchild) any other day get the Ahogada or…anything because that is how good it is. If you doubt me, just check out the line at lunch. Only good food and free things creates this kind of line.

Bison Burger/goat cheese/pickled red onions/blueberry bbq sauce
When you first taste this burger you are all impressed and shit and are like whoa, what a great burger!! Then you start to get a little angry that you’ve been on this planet for as long as you have been without knowing about blueberry bbq sauce. When you realize your anger is truly sadness, you accept that sometimes life just hands you regular bbq sauce and you should be greatful that you stumbled upon bberry bbq sauce at all. Now this is about your 3rd bite and you have a big ass burger to finish so you quit being such a baby and just enjoy the damn thing.

Jibarito tacos: pork shoulder/green mango/queso fresco/habenro salsa/crispy plantains
I could have used some more heat on that mango, but – hey! plantains! The only real problem with these tacos is that I am so overly impressed with my own tacos I really shouldn’t order other people’s tacos and subject them to my ego. I’m going back for the turkey confit, though.

House roasted Dietzler Farms beef/horseradish mayo/red leaf lettuce/pretzel roll
The minute my eyes fell upon the beautiful, pink roast beef in the deli case I knew instantly how the next 30 minutes would proceed. You know the story girl sees beef, girl scours menu for a sandwich made with said beef, bonus life points are earned for the horseradish and pretzel roll, the combination causes girl to close eyes for extended amounts of time and use the phrase “oh, man” almost more than necessary. Girl writes blog and says that the reasons to go to City Provisions are only limited by the number of products in their deli.

Nova Lox platter: wheat bagel/cream cheese/capers/cucumbers/tomato
Smoked salmon has really got it going on (Does anyone use this phrase any more?). Beautiful, smoky, delicious and accessible it is the Natalie Portman of seafood. Eleaven thick slices their nova lox, and it uber divine. Dangerously close to my office, even in winter, I feel I can authoritively say that Eleaven is consistently awesome in food stack arts.

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